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  • Nothing says sun and summer quite as well as the robust Italian classic: Limoncello. In their usual style, Bad Company Spirits has used the finest ingredients with authentic lemons from the Amalfi Coast and organic herbs for extra refinement. The lemons used in Lemon Says Hello have exclusively drawn their flavor from the peels, where all the aromatic oils reside. This imparts richness to the taste, which balances beautifully with the high alcohol content.

    Lemon Says Hello greets the senses freshly, like a freshly picked lemon in the Mediterranean breeze. The overwhelming lemon flavor is rounded off with notes of anise seeds, juniper, and galangal root. This extends the experience and adds extra depth to the flavor profile. The Limoncello was developed in collaboration with Bar Pasta, who are enthusiasts of the golden lemon drops.

    Lemon Says Hello should be enjoyed as a traditional digestif after a meal, just as one remembers from vacations in Italy. Furthermore, it is perfect for an extra tangy and summery Limoncello Spritz. If you simply can't get enough of lemons, we recommend a Limoncello Sour. Here, you get the full lemon extravaganza and a cocktail with grand gestures!


    50 cl


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